The Second Karma

Main Objectives

  • Bring child health care, nutrition education to rural areas and support community health care .
  • "THE SECOND KARMA SCHOLARSHIPS" based on socio-economic and merit status.
  • To showcase USA/India culture and strengths via news, tourism, lectures and presentations across the globe.
  • Raise awareness about environmental issues, such as global warming, and to help preserve the natural beauty of USA/India working with rural village communities.
  • To bring IT/technology to rural belts of USA/India and work with Colleges/Institutes/Government for research and development in various sectors.
  • The Second Karma will be solely conducts its operations for the purpose of charity, giving scholarships to needy ,clothing, shelter, hold medical camps, development of people, general development of backward areas ,ETC
  • In case of Dissolution of THE SECOND KARMA all funds, assets remaining will be used for sole purpose of charity and enhancement of poor children.
  • I ‘Sandeep Sharma’ have been actively involved in promoting, assisting other charities since 2003.
  • Currently only promotional members will allowed travelling allowance, boarding and lodging allowances while undertaking any Fund Raising trips or activities locally or overseas and within USA.
  • All conflicts arising amongst the founder members , Sandeep Sharma , the main founder of THE SECOND KARMA will have all rights ,influence, final decision making power to settle the issues arising. All resolutions will be in the Sole interest of THE SECOND KARMA and not in the interest of an individual.
  • Members or developers will be reimbursed for the expenses incurred while perfoming their tasks, solely in the interest of THE SECOND KARMA and jobs assigned.
  • THE SECOND KARMA will primarily be soliciting for fundraising in the State of New Jersey. However, in The interest of further development if need be any and every state in USA and India will be covered for Fund raising.
  • The Second Karma initially will conduct business in USA and Indian Subcontinent. The operations will primarily be for fund raising for the prime objective of THE SECOND KARMA.
  • All funds raising for THE SECOND KARMA will be solely and soley for the development of the OBJECTIVES of the THE SECOND KARMA as laid down and agreed upon by the founder members.

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